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    Lightbulb New Year 2012 Resolutions - Ideas and Plans Thread

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    I figured since we did a Happy New Year 2012 thread, we may as well do one to share any ideas or plans for resolutions in the upcoming year.

    Below are a few resolutions I plan to try living up to throughout the new year:
    • Eat healthier (More vegetables, less fatty foods, reduce carb intake, no soda, etc)
    • Lost weight (20 pounds or so would be great, and healthier too!)
    • Exercise more (Increase treadmilling time and speed - currently only 4.2 MPH for 50 mins a day)
    • Reduce time spent online daily (currently 10+ hours, ideally half that amount is my overall goal)

    Others have any resolutions? Feel free to share them below!

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    My New Year resolutions are similar to yours, but I don't spend a lot of time on the Internet (compared to you at least ) so I don't need to try reducing my time spent on the net. But I do want to get back in shape though.

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    Ha i know the thing with lost wait

    As i was a bit jounger i haved 100 kilo (220 pounds) and lost 40 kilo (88 pounds) with in the years from 21-24. Now i've my lv and don't grow bigger such easy. My whole body system (sry don't know even the word in german to time ) has changed and now i can eat what i want without problems.
    • Be a bit friendlier on the Forum
    • Learn Code like VB, V#, C++ and so on
    • Spend a bit more time on the community even when i've work and not only on holidays
    • Don't drink beer when i have to work (some days there is so much to do and i'm alone in this big kitchen that i start to drink to not get crazy)
    • Get a new apartment
    • Get a girlfriend
    • Spend more money for myself and not for other peoples

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    I think the word you mean in English cfwprophet is "metabolism" see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metabolism

    But yep, I too should follow your "spend more money for myself" resolution hehe

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    AHHH YES that's the Word i couldn't remember and meant! THX my Big Boss

    I haven't sleep this night and it's 09:33am here. Already in the damn kitchen in my holidays and started to clean everything.

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    My New Year Resolution would be ... 3840 x 2160 ...

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    Study Japanese 2-4 hrs, 5 days a week!

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    to stop injecting drugs and beat myself loathing and depression... epic fail already. i hate myself but good luck with yours!!

    oh and yeah find a wife to start a family... any takers.. LOL
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    Jacked my part-time job in at Maplin Electronics to go self-employed. Just bought myself an ACHI IR-6000 so I can start repairing consoles etc.

    Drink less booze (not that I drink much now) & smoke more cannabis Yes I know, drugs are bad... But only used for 'inspirational & artistic' purposes - promise

    Try and spend some more time with my girlfriend - she wants kids, I don't.... yet... I'm 27 but still not ready for the whole 'family guy' thing.

    One final thing... Try not to let myself get wound up over things! Less stress = a happy chappy!

    Almost forgot! I also need to get a certain someone back for 'removing' only the one eyebrow while I was passed out at his party... You know who you are... Immac's coming for you pal
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    Cannabis is NOT a drug. Alcohol IS a drug. By the way our body produce endo-canabinoide which will doc on receptores and make us relaxed when we sit down after a hard day of work, in example. And the endo-canabinoids are 100% the same like the plant produce. No diff.


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