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    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    If I have done a Wii , a Psp and build the computers that my family has do you think I would be able to do it?
    i would say yes if you just trying to flash the dvd drive to play back up games.. if you have done a wii and psp at least seems you can follow instructions.. like they person said above.. read a few tutorials.. watch some you tube vids and when you feel confident.. go for it.. there are many good tutorials out there!! just follow instructions carefully.

    if you have a jtagable xbox and am thinking of doing it DEF go for it you wont regret it!! good soldering skills are a must though.. and the same as above.. once you have the hardware setup and you know its working.. follow instructions (tutorials)!!! if you have limited experience with hardware mods i would really suggest the cygnos360 "mod chip" its easy to install (still needs soldering).. simple usb connection and pretty easy to use software for reading/writing the nand and access to xellous without the need of a barbaric TV =P

    Happy modding!

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    I would recommend paying the small fee and having someone do it for you, along with reflashing your dvd drive to read backups and you will be set

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    I got it done with no problems, thanks for the help.

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