The SuperCard DS One v2 (MicroSDHC) is a new Slot-1 solution. It works with normal MicroSD card and MicroSDHC. Support for MicroSDHC is the new big feature with supported cards over 32 gigs!

Features and Details:

- Plug 'n Play(No FlashMe, No PassMe, No conversion required).
- 100% Clean Rom Support. 100% capatibility.
- No PC software required, just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.
- Hardware save support. Easy to backup and exchange saves with other players.
- Blue-Light engine included. Supports High speed flash memory card without any slow down.
- DS original card size, the perfect solution slot-1 solution.
- TFlash/MicroSD slot Push'n Push design, easy to use.
Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.
- MoonShell built-in design. Can play MP3, Ogg and DPG2 directly in SuperCard DS system. Compatible with DPG0/DPG1. It also supports eBooks and picture viewing. It's a real multimedia system.


1x Supercard DS One v2 (SDHC compatible) Slot-1 card
1x 1GB MicroSD Memory card
1x USB Card Reader
1x Supercard DS One Software

New Supercard DS One Model

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