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    New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Videos & DLC Support

    Today several new Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising videos were released in their community forums (linked above).

    Dubbed 'Blinding The Dragon', 'Hardcore Mode' and 'Take The Beach' they feature key members of the development team, marking the first in a series of developer videos that are going to take you behind the scenes of the development of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

    In an interview with Codemasters' Tim Browne, multi-platform DLC support is detailed as well- to quote:

    "The console users will be able to use those vehicles at different times, but obviously we do have plans for DLC, and some of this is going to be free DLC, so people who are like, "Why do the console gamers have to pay to use something the PC gamers can use for free?", that's not necessarily true because we do have plans for free DLC as well.

    The community has supported us for the long and we want to give something back to the community as a sort of thank you. So what we want do is, we want to bring out DLC, we want to support the community, we want to have competitions and things like that based around missions - I'll leave that up to your imagination."

    Finally, the new videos and related screens are below!

    New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Videos & DLC Support

    New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Videos & DLC Support

    New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Videos & DLC Support

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    Looks good and if it has the depth of Armed Assault (1 or 2) but without the bugs it will be a winner in my books.


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