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    New Kojima's Next Countdown Timer Revealed

    WTF you would say... after the previous countdown timer reaching to 0, another 199 hour countdown...

    Now with new letters-numbers, it looks like E e 5 3... or 5 E 3 9, or P S 3.

    Or E3? or MGS 5?...

    Well, now I got all really mixed up. Any guesses?

    BTW I can't post 4 images... so the last you'll have to see it for yourself.

    Feel free to comment below!

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    Perhaps Metal Gear Solid 5 may be revealed at E3, and not via the Web site directly... but who knows!

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    New Kojima's Next Countdown Timer Revealed-mgs3-jpg

    This is what I made >>

    Top one is letters arranged for 'See at E3'
    and bottom one is MGS3 referring to big boss for MGS5?

    What you guys think the letters might mean?

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    Could be a very long shot

    SeE3 = Sony exclusive E3 (hopefully lol)
    EeS3 = mirrored/rotated of above maybe...

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    Oh my god! I was just randomly watching the timer, and it changed from 110:00:00 to 09:59:59!!! Skipped 100 hours...

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    yeah it changed to only 10 hours !!!

    back to 109 hrs again.. I think it was an error

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    It is simple : 5 @ E 3 . It is sequently this. They will announce 5 at E3.

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    I tryed to force the countdown to reach 0 without any result
    the real Flash movie can be found at:

    if you look at the last variable (lmt03) 2009 05 27 10:00:00

    you can change it to make it reach 00:00:00 but nothing happens

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