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    New Jasper XBox 360 Consoles Come with a Smaller PSU

    The image below shows a regular Jasper PSU and right below the PSU (which is about 1/4th smaller) from an Arcade Jasper-based Xbox360 with 512MB internal MU manufactured in May 2009.

    The new PSU is still 150W, so no change there.

    To quote legueux, roughly translated from French:

    nono85 us back information on the power supply for Xbox 360 which has seen its size reduced by a quarter compared to blocks distributed so far.

    The block at the top of the picture corresponding to a distributed power 150w with Jasper in March 2009.

    The block at the bottom of the picture corresponds to a 150w power supply after a pack containing the new Arcarde Jasper revision in May 2009 with 512MB of onboard memory.

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    I'm sorry but it's still huge.

    At least they're making progress I suppose...

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    This is sarcasm

    Just WOW!, good on Microsoft they've mananged to remove a whole 2 inches from the Power brick OMG! Top Stuff! 100% news worthy stuff here! Not.

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