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    New House of the Dead Revealed for Wii

    The trailer for House of the Dead Overkill hit the Web.. So you know that new Sega game from Headstrong that was supposed to be revealed at the Leipzig Games Convention? Well, just a day before the show officially kicks off the game has been unearthed in a trailer that hit the web.

    And instead of it being a new Jet Grind Radio as previously rumored, it's a brand new House of the Dead light gun shooter installment for the Wii called House of the Dead: Overkill. Here's the Grindhouse-inspired trailer:


    If you're unfamiliar with Headstrong, don't worry -- it's the new name for Kuju Entertainment, the UK development house previously responsible for such games as Battalion Wars.

    Here's hoping we'll get more details on the game once the Games Convention officially starts.

    Sega has also released some first screenshots of the game. Here's one of them below... More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Oh, graphics looks great, better than House of Dead 2&3!

    Waiting for this game, are the graphics better than in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles?

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    This is very interesting, but my favorite house of death is house of death 2, for PC.

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    Woo! I love House of the Dead! Rail shooters are very neat in my book, also its old school and original.

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