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    He remembered that the man with the allergic reaction to seafood needed medical attention, and since Michael Jackson no longer trusted his own doctor he had a limo pick them up and head towards a hospital in Beverly Hills, California when all of a sudden...

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    a man with a sniper rifle shot the driver. The limo span in all directions until it crashed into another car and the limo burst in flames! Michael Jackson was melting so a body guard of his rang the...

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    wax museum, and they confirmed that it wasn't really the King of Pop after all but a body double used to steer off the paparazzi. While all this was happening, the man with the seafood poisoning managed to crawl from the burning wreck to the streets of downtown Beverly Hills where he...

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    plastic surgery team at the hospital. an orbital beam shot out of the sky, picked jackson up and minutes later he was being prepped for surgery. the doctor said..

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    It seems like both of you tried to continue from where I finished off, since PS3news posted before elser1 (by a millisecond ) I will continue from his story .

    (Beverly Hills where he) was picked up by an ambulance which was called to come by a man who had seen the blaze start. The man who had seafood poisoning was treated and let go. But the man didn't have anyone to take him home, so he stole some coins of a busker and went to a public phone to call up...

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    Kevin Butler at Sony! But Kevin was too busy making the next "It Only Does Everything" PS3 commercial so the man hung up the phone and decided to walk down Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills where he then saw a...

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    girl getting mugged, so he went and punched the mugger so he ran away. The girl offered him $400 because of his heroic act, so the man gladly took it and took a taxi to travel to...

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    the airport, because he figured he could try to take a plane to get back to where he was originally from before falling overboard at the beginning of this story on an ocean cruise ship. However, when the taxi dropped him off at the airport...

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    a man pointed a gun to his head and asked him to give him his wallet. So the man trying to go home gave him his wallet losing his credit card and all his money he had left. He walked down the street miserably until he saw a poster that said "Gaming contest, winner gets $1000!" and it started in 10 minutes, so he entered and the contest. The first game he had to play was...
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    he saw a drug dealer and bought some of the blue meth from breaking bad.. and some cans of red bull.. had the two substances together and found out it is true. red bull really does give you wings, and with the extra energy from the speed he flew all the way home when...


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