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    i have a 120 gb maxtor hdd and i think maybe i installed a corrupted file on there that now, when i run hda ver 2.0, none of my files are showing up, and i try to install another game and it says the hd is full, so i need to try and save/salvage the files or try to reformat altogether, and i am hooking it up to a notebook with windows xp. So i found out that i need to buy a 3.5" usb enclosure to hook it up to my notebook. Now, to view files, so i can possibly delete the bad file and save the remaining files, do i download hdl_dump or hdl_dumb (whats the difference?) or the "save and salvage" program.. or do i download all of them? Also if none of those work do i need to download a program where i can reformat the hdd or how do i do that? thank you very much for any help you can provide

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    Quote Originally Posted by locoloera
    do i download hdl_dump or hdl_dumb (whats the difference?)
    Just a quick answer for ya... HDL_DUMP is the command-line (DOS) version of the utility, and HDL_DUMB is a Win32 version that has a GUI to make it easier to use for those who aren't comfortable with DOS.

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