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    Hursty.....Well i did what you said in the instructions but when i put the backup disc in my ps2, it said "not a valid ps2 disk" i pretty sure i followed the directions to the letter, using nero burning rom, but no joy, appreciate any feedback.
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    Well after numerous tries i finally got a good backup copy, don't know what i did but it's working, thanks for the guide hursty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungHov
    I burn it anyway but it locks up at the first load screen. I made sure I had 9 Gigs of free space and put in a folder thats not too long. Is it because of this error or that i didnt do a bigger TOC refresh? I dont have an original game of that size so thats why Im trying to make it smaller but still play it on a dvd media. Any step by step guide or help would be appreciated.
    I get the same error. When I burn the DRK-NBA ISO after this, it hangs at the load screen. Rebuilding hasn't done a thing for me, burning the IML'd image of 2.6gigs says it's invalid, and this nero direct rip crap isn't working either.

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    Rumpleforskin......use the guide that hursty sent on the second page, that works to the letter, when you make the separate nba vol3 folder, make sure you have enought drive space to hold all the files, and make sure you are using "nero burning rom" to burn to a disc, that's was my problem, i was using the wrong nero program, hope this helps out. Also don't worry about patching it, you don't need it. Also make sure you turn off all anti-virus programs, and internet connections while you are doing this.

    tools needed:
    dvd decrypter
    iso buster
    nero burning rom
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    Do I need to turn on the "Force DVD-Video compatability mode" in the UDF options?

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    I figured it out. I guess the problem was with Nero. I was using an old version, 5 I think, and I upgraded to the latest one and it works flawlessly. Thanks for all your help everyone.

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    I ran the DVD Rick patch, and it deleted my ISO....How can 4 gigs get deleted that quickly???

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    how do I patch it when i'm backing up the PAL version? Am I gonna have these problems always, do you guys only provide the USA patches?

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    Thanks Rook, patch works great !

    Note: Just make sure you have a seperate folder on your drive for all the files (Original ISO, Patch, etc.) Copy patch to folder and apply! Thanks Again DVD Rick.

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    I am not dealing with NBA 3 but I want to learn how to rebuild. The tutorials mention using ISO Buster (which i downloaded) and opening the image with it and dragging & dropping files from it to another folder. However when I the image in ISO Buster, under Track01 I see two branches: A red square labeled ISO and black square labeled UDF. So what do I drag files out of? Undre the ISO or under the UDF or both?

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