Awhile back we announced the arrival of the new Myth Pro PS2 Mod-Chip. Today, courtesy of the Myth Chip Team and our Staff Member out4it, we present you with the Team PS3News review on it below- enjoy, and have a nice Memorial Day guys!

Now that I have had some practice installing mod-chips, I was given the opportunity to review the new Myth Pro chip for PS2/PSTwo consoles. When the chip finally arrived, I wasted no time to see what it could do. The chip was packaged in a standard anti-static bag, and included a slim fix and a 1-sided sticky square piece of foam to prevent shorts with the chip. After taking some time to find a v5 or better PS2, I immediately started to disassemble the PS2.

Once I got the motherboard exposed, I went to and got the newest diagrams for the v10 PS2 I had chosen to install it in. The diagrams aren't anything fancy- with minimal instructions, but after setting everything up and mapping where everything goes I got my soldering iron hot and went to town!

Once the chip was prepared to be installed, I started to solder the BiOS wires first. This part was the same as any other mod-chip so it wasn't really anything new. Then I went on to the other wires, which again most installers should be familiar with because of how common they are. The only thing I was concerned about in the diagrams were the length of the ground and 3.3v wire, but I went ahead and used them knowing I could shorten them up later if necessary. Once I had everything put back together, I was greeted with the new Myth Pro Configuration Menu screen (additional screen pictures available HERE for those interested).

Additional options included nice features such as DVD-9 support and the Dev.Olution modes. So now I know it works, and I had only one more thing to do: put it to the test! After trying many PS2 back-ups on a good mixture of mediums (DVD-9's, DVD+R's, and CD-R's; cheap brand and quality stuff), to my surprise everything was working perfectly with no issues in booting them!

So do I recommend the Myth Pro? Yes! As long as you are handy with a soldering iron and will make use of the extra features you will love it! If you do decide to go with the Myth Pro mod-chip, be sure to take your time installing it, and leave yourself about an hour and a half. This way you can go back and triple-check each point for shorts and make it look nice and neat.