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    I was playing Nightmare Before Christmas off of HDD, when suddenly the game froze. So I turned it off and turned it back on. Only to find it doesn't work. When I turn it on, I get the red light. When I press reset or eject, it changes to green, I hear the fan running, but the blue light for the eject button is not on. Nothing shows up on the TV screen, naturally, and I can't eject. Terrible timing, since I'll be getting Shadow of Colossus soon. Anyway, can anybody see what's wrong here?

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    do you have a mod chip installed? which version ps2/pstwo?
    have you tried pulling the hdd/na out to see if the ps2 works with out it installed?

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    Or one of the fuses on the motherboard have gone and this can also cause what you are describing and you can check you ps2 model no. at
    PS2 Version Identification List Sticky and the diagrams of the MB here in
    PS2/PSTwo Fuse Locations Sticky which both can be found in this forum.

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    Mine is 30001-R, v5, no mod-chip.
    I did remove the hdd to see if it would work, but it didn't.

    So if one of the fuses have gone, do I have to get a new board?
    Or is it somehow still possible to revive the machine?

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    Can`t see why it shouldn`t but some of those fuses are kinda hard to find especially the ones with the black in the center and silver at each end,but if you google aruond there are some sites that do have replacement ones,but the fuses will have to be tested first to see which one it gone,if you are going to do this which is entirely up to you check the biggest fuses first and if all good move onto the smaller ones.And also check the fuses in the power supply board as well.

    If you cannot fix this problem there are good used motherboards or new ones just google around or check ebay.

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    All right, I'll try to find the bad fuse, once I get some free time.

    Thanks Starlight.

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