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    Microsoft May be Building an iPhone Rival with Verizon

    Verizon Wireless is reportedly working with software giant Microsoft Corp. to develop a new smart phone device that could rival the popular iPhone.

    According to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Microsoft and Verizon are in talks to develop a touch-screen mobile phone that would run on Window's Mobile, Microsoft's mobile device operating system that has seen its position come under attack from devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry, which use competing software platforms.

    To quote: According to the report, Microsoft's new smart phone project is code-named "Pink" and could include the Windows Marketplace for Mobile - a mobile application store similar to Apple's popular App Store, which just saw its 1 billionth download last week.

    Representatives for Verizon refused to comment on the latest rumors. A spokesman for Microsoft said the company's strategy to provide a software platform for the mobile industry has not changed, but decline to offer further specifics.

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    this is a good idea actually, if they can get a better windows mobile out for entertainment rather than business.

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    Verizons current lineup

    I don't see how Verizon or Microsoft can really do much anymore. I've been a Verizon customer for a while and a smart phone owner for just as long. The current Windows mobile phones out right now can do just as much as any iPhone and more in my opinion. I currently have a XV6800 and I can do so much with it without having to buy all the "apps" separately.

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    Seems like Verizon is making a few big moves, they also/might get the 1st android powered moto called Calgary. If anything, I would like to see more phones with android.

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