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    Confused MCManager v0.1 thread

    From KaylaKaze:

    This is, as the title says, MCManager. It allows you to copy save games to and from your HD (compatible with the PS2MNU-K database). It also allows you to delete saves off your MC. The benefit of this over the PS2 Browser: MCManager shows how big a saved game on your MC is without you having to select it. This makes it easy to figure out which game to take off when you need space.

    Why is ths better than PS2Menu-K for save storage?
    1) the database is sorted alphabetically
    2) you can use te USB keyboard for renaming
    3) the onscreen keyboard has more characters to choose
    4) when you rename, you can add color tags to the save (explained below)
    5) lists the MC by save game, not as a directory tree
    6) if you don't have a save partition, you can select size of the partition to create
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