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    magic V v4 gap wont boot dvdr

    Hi all,

    Im having an issue with a v4 gap ps2. I installed a magic v but it wont boot backups. I have double checked all conections and have tried 2 different chips (both magic V) .

    Im doing some research, in some places it says that the magic V is compatible with v5 and up and in other places it says that is compatible with v4 and up. Seems that magic 3 is the prefered for v4 consoles.

    Could it be that the magic V is not compatible with V4 ?

    Comparing magic 3 , messiah and magic V diagrams,
    could it be that the diagram is wrong?
    im using this diagram. I usually do v7-v10 consoles with magic V - magic 5k6 and always works from the first try.

    Thanks for your time.

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    any one?

    have anyone here moded a V4 with a magic V ?

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    Will magic V boot DVD9 backups

    I usually do ps2's with the magic V or Mars chips depending on price and avaliability as both work great.
    I heard that the only chips booting 1:1 copies of DVD9 were that DMS4 , the matrix and the o2.

    Has anyone tested a DVD9 backups on the magic V?
    in the specs it says DVD9 compatible

    Do I need to "upgrade" to one of this chips to be able to play 1:1 DVD9 backups ?

    I havent buy a DL DVD burner yet so I cant test it

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