Remember Red Faction, THQ's last-gen shooter that relied on players destroying the environment around them to continue progressing? That concept's been mostly lost -- unless you've played Earth Defense Force recently -- but LucasArts is bringing back the idea of terrain deformation with a new IP developed in conjunction with Day 1 Studios: Fracture.

There's not much setting to give players a reason to blow the crap out of everything, but here it is: in 2161 ecological and seismological disasters have pitted humanity against one another. There are two factions in this unfortunate future, the Atlantic Alliance and Pacific Army, and the former relying on cybernetic enhancements for an advantage, the latter on genetic engineering.

Players are in the shoes Mason Briggs on the Atlantic side, and using Briggs to alter the world around you is the central mechanic behind Fracture. A few examples that LucasArts expects gamers will run into:
"When Briggs throws a tectonic grenade on a level battlefield, the ground blasts upward to provide access to an otherwise unreachable area. Moving on, when he comes across what appears to be an impenetrable structure, Briggs utilizes the alt-fire functionality on his rocket launcher to create enormous craters to burrow underneath the wall. Surrounded on all sides by enemies, Briggs heaves a vortex grenade, creating a swirling tornado-like mass of boulder, dirt and debris to dispatch his foes."
Though the announcement press release doesn't detail consoles, this sounds like a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360-only release to us.

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