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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    Looking for trusted member living in US

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    hi, i'm looking for a trusted member living in the US that can maybe help me out. i really want to buy some stuff from amazon but for some reason they won't deliver it to me in australia. if i can get it sent to you and then you can send it on to me would be great..

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    Amazon sucks! We had the same problem in SA. Don't know if they have changed their minds about delivering here. Isn't there another place you can buy your stuff?

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    If you tell me what you want/looking for (also via PM), I can check what I can get here out of my Country.

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    thanks mate. i really appreciate that mate!! i can only really find them on amazon second hand and really cheap.just some textbooks.
    comptia essentials both hardware and software books and both lab books.. they're by jean andrews..

    and kz3 helghast edition is cheap there to.but they wont deliver them to aussie.. sux cause they delivered me mk9 games and they're actually banned in my country.. LOL work that one out..

    btw i have downloaded them from torrents but id like to have the actual books rather than trying to study from me tv.. LOL
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    There are cheaper game deliverer than Amazon, which shipped to every country in the world, I speak about TheHut.com, Play.com, ShopTo.net and Zavvi.com. You should definite check that sides out.

    // Oh, 800th post .


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