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    Lightbulb Lite-On Drive Change Guide

    In this tutorial we use a Connectivity Kit V2 and VIA 6421 SATA PCI Card and we use DVDKey32 in Windows XP and also, we assume you are already familiar with this kind of works!

    First open your Lite-on drive, and watch the PCB where you can see epoxy around the main chip. There are two small tracks to be rebuilt. Just connect R707 and R708 traces. Don’t touch any other connections.

    Use below diagram to build required board for connecting to Com port of your PC.

    Now, you need some modification in your Connectivity Kit V2 to get it ready for the Lite-On drive.

    Connect GND point of RS232 board to Connectivity Kit’s Pin 1 and 3.3V point to Pin 10.

    Now, use 2 empty places on the Connectivity Kit’s cable to put RX and TX wires in place.

    TX - 6
    RX - 12

    Now, you are ready to start reading your Key.

    Turn off your Connectivity Kit.

    Connect power cable of Connectivity Kit to Lite-On drive.

    Turn on the Connectivity Kit and Eject the drive by pushing the button on the Connectivity Kit.

    Push the Eject button again, but when the drive is in the half way of completely closed, turn Connectivity Kit off so the Tray remains half closed.

    Now, connect your SATA cable to Lite-On drive and RS232 Cable to your RS232 board.

    Turn on the Connectivity Kit and then go to a Command Prompt in windows (Cmd in Run).

    Use the following command to retrieve your Key and Spoof String:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    1 is the number of your Com port which you connected your RS232 cable to it. EF00 is the address of your SATA port (Use your own SATA port address, EF00 here is an example.)

    After some seconds you will get Key.bin and Inquiry.bin files and you can use these two files in “Firmware Toolbox 4.8” to get your replacement drive working on your console.

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    Very handy guide takavach, STICKY'd and +Rep!

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    Awesome, very helpful!

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