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    Lightbulb Lite-On 93450c Drive Flash Guide

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    Open-up your drive and disconnect all flat cables. Remove two tiny screws from the board and turn it so you can see the back of your board.

    Use the following image and cut those two points with a sharp instrument. Connect a wire between the points. Use a switch and a 22 Ohm resistor to connect from GND to PIN 101.

    After you're done with cutting and soldering now it's time to start the dump.

    Connect your drive to your PC. Put switch in position 1 (ON) and power the drive, start Dosflash (SPI should get rcognized -> Status 0x72).

    Put switch in position 2 (OFF) and click "Read".

    Dosflash should start reading the whole firmware and when it's done you can save your file.

    Now to use this file you should load it as a "Target Firmware" in "FirmwareTool 32" tab.

    Click "Open Target Firmware" and select your firmware file.

    Now right click somewhere near DVD Key spot of the window and select "Save Dummy" and save your dummy file.

    Now click "Open Source Firmware" and load your dummy file.

    You need to have the iXtreme 1.6 firmware template suitable for your drive in order to be able to use your dummy file to get the hacked firmware. (You can find these templates in usual places.)

    Load the template using "Open Target Firmware" and click "Spoof source to Target". Now save your hacked firmware using "Save to File" button.

    Remove the board from the PC and remove all the wires from it. Solder back cutting points and put the drive back together.

    Connect drive to your PC again and use the standard procedure to Erase and Write Lite-On firmware to your drive.

    Good Luck!
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    Nice guide Takavach! +Rep and I made it a Sticky for now.


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