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    Registered User studtrooper's Avatar
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    PS3 Cross Button Is it just me or is Square-Enix retarded regarding FF7?

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    I was just thinking about this after I looked at the latest Crisis Core update (a FF7 prequel that is just taking forever to get out). Back before Advent Children was released, Squeenix was promising everything under the sun with their "Compilation of Final Fantasy 7". Hell, when Squeenix showed that FF7 PS3 tech demo at e3, the world had a simultaneous orgasm.

    Here we are a few years later and what do we have? A FF7 cell phone game (gay), Dirge of Cerberus (wtf?), Advent Children (the anime companion clip was arguably more entertaining), and the infinitely delayed Crisis Core (???). What I don't get is why Squeenix thinks its cool to rehash FF1-6 + Tactics five million times but absolutely refuses to ether remake FF7 (like everyone wants) or give us a true honest to god sequel (which everyone wants)? Do they not like money? Just remaking FF7 would probably break every videogame selling record on the books alone...

    Meh. End rant
    Last edited by studtrooper; 05-13-2007 at 03:56 AM

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    I hear you on that one, its basically an ability to print money because they KNOW its going to sell like hotcakes.

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    I think Square-Enix has had the worse downfall in terms of the quality of their games of any gaming company ever. Before the merge, both square and enix made great games, and now all they make are mediocre sequels and mediocre ports (seriously ff6 advance is terrible). What happened? Did they lose their talent and their sense? Its obvious now that they are milking the Star Ocean and FF brandnames and thats all they are doing.

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    Star Ocean? Not even close to the whoring out that Dragon Warrior/Quest is seeing. But yeah, if they are going to milk us out, might as well do it on the good stuff :/

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    Crisis Core is coming Sep 13 in Japan, prob before Christmas in the US, it'll be worth the wait.

    DQIX is the most annoying announcement that Square Enix has made recently (makes sense from a sales standpoint, but WTF).

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    Angry Damn Right!

    I agree, what the hell man? You know if they remade the FF7 for the Mighty beast which is the PS3, WOW! I mean, what is their mentality? :??

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    I think there was actually some more rumours adding fuel to the fire about a FF7 remake just today.

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    I haven't heard this rumor

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    That is the rumour I was referring to.

    According to them, Squeenix will announce a FF7 remake exclusive to PS3 at the next Squeenix Party, whenever that is...?

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    I don't get why they don't just remake it and collect people's money.

    I mean they could do a FF7 bundle with original FF7, PS3 Remake and FF7 Advent Children for like $100+ and people would still buy it.

    Its like taking candy from a baby, why WOULDNT they want to do it!!


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