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    What new ideas are those? All Squeenix does is rehash their junk in between taking forever with FF main-game progression. As much as I love Square (not so much Enix), they are seemingly content to rest on their laurels in the absence of any real competition (Xenosaga 1 was pretty good, but the last two weren't that great).

    Remake FF7 & 8, stop this MMORPG non-sense, and bring on FF13!

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    FF7 was a masterpiece, and it deserves a spot amongst the greatest games of all time. I've played through it 3 times and will at least one more time and each time it was just as good.

    A FF7 remake would be great, I didn't care for 10 and didn't play 11 or 12. All of a sudden the FF series is getting too SC-FI for me... thats not what the game was back in the day and not what it should be now.

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    The Sci-Fi VS Medieval FF debate has been raging since FF7 came out. Personally I hate Medieval, so Sci-Fi is great for me, but I understand where you are coming from...

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    Well, what can we do except argue and wait for them to publish it

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    It's taking forever, but lets just pray it comes out soon.

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    FF7 AC, was a great movie for me, i like the battle scenes, and all of that, specially the so realistic animation. Maybe, some people expected more, but if you think that an RPG Videogame have so much to offer as a anime series of 52 episodes, then, a movie it's really nothing compared to FF7 (the game) itself.

    I haven't played Dirge of Cerberus yet, but, indeed, some people would want Cloud story to continue, and other people would want a remake with the new technologie (FF7 Remake with AC movie technology, please XDD)

    Indeed, an FF7 remake would be great, but remember that Squeenix have another projects on mind... well, they're crazy... lol

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    I saw AC with a friend of mine who had never played the game, and he thought that it was one of the worst movies he had ever seen. I kinda see where he is coming from too. If you take your love of the game and the character development from the game away, all the movie is is some pretty graphics and a bunch of fanservice.

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    Agreed, i'm tired of waiting

    seems like forever since i have dressed cloud in drag (which was hella funny for the time) and those cute little block heads.. man o man, those were the days, wtf happend to square. ever since kingdom hearts, i agree with the "why, don't they like money" cuse the used the hell outta the "ff7" image but never in a good way. i'd rther played advent children in a shitty 2d format then deal with ll the crap we hve been for so long. i gave up so long ago.

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