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    Big Grin Introductions: Hello Everyone, I'm New at!

    Hello everyone,

    Call me hyperjinxz. I from UK. I registered with you a while ago. I don't yet have a PS3... Actually I am trying to get one for "free" but I am in the beginning of that. And that PS3 is 40 GB, I want the 60 GB one, anyway it will come soon and I will be full member of this scene. I had a PS2 v7 with dms4 pro and three v3's I think... in pieces... but all good things become parts and pieces of junk in time... I felt like writing and here looked like a good spot.

    Anyway nice to meet you all I hope we will have fun together in the future.

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    Apr 2005

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    Welcome aboard hyperjinxz... we actually don't have an Introduction thread like this so I will STICK this one for now and +Rep!

    Update: See HERE for the latest updates in this thread as of May 5, 2012.

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    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone

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    Ola.. Mii is new here.

    Nice Place for Ps3'ler...


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    rookie here, ps3 forever!

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    hi everyone, new also

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    i'm a new ps3 forum user that can't seem to get his 5 posts lol

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    hello, im a new user too.. what's up everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalmanPS3 View Post
    i'm a new ps3 forum user that can't seem to get his 5 posts lol
    You need to post in the other Forums, not the Newbie thread to accumulate post counts. see here for more info:

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    just joined. i'm excited to get down to learning all of this too

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