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    hello, i am a new user too.. glad to be here!

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    New to the console world here.. Hi!

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    newbie here, just checking in.

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    hi everyone, new also!

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    Hello all, im new too !!!

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    hello, i'm new too.

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    Hi ALL! I am sharkbait8574

    My husband and my PS3 crapped out right after 2.6 update
    So... now I am here. If you can offer any help, I would be grateful

    PS3 was purchased 12/27/2007 so no warranty

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    Feb 2009

    newbie too

    hi i'm ati93, i'm from france and i speak a little english. I have a pal 80gb ps3 and a psp on cfw.

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    new user but not new to hardware hacking/modifying

    new to the site, looks alright and seems to be full of some useful information and software... If I hadn't already hacked the crap outta my PS3.

    the NAND patcher was very useful in walking back my f/w from 2.42 to 1.50 to be used in a multi-boot machine (OEM v2.60 and Modded v1.50 presently on the mainboard) at the flick of a switch. as for the details of how I managed to do it, I'll be keeping that a secret until this site reveals its user base and I see who's lurking and who the resident hackers are, and who are just here regurgitating what other real hackers post on the message boards.

    I came here from PC and Satellite hacking and am an electronic engineer, I'm no greenhorn

    so, I say HI to all and hope these message boards arent like the sat boards, which are loaded with know-it-alls that know nothing at all and are just looking for a free ride!

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    hi everyone, i 'am a noob and i just bought my first ps3, the 160gb version. How come mine only came with 2 usb ports and my brothers came with 4 ?

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