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    Hi all, I'm so excited to make my first ever post on ps3news! Woot!

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    Hello everyone, im a n00b of course. just trying to figure out the whole Yellow dog linux thing. this is the place to learn i hope!

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    hi all, finally found a forum thats good!!

    i've been a member for a while, but haven't posted yet, because i didn't have a ps3 yet.

    but now i do!

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    Hi all

    Hi all, i'm new here !!! can anyone tell me the "hottest" treats these days ?

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    Hy all i'm new and i wanna learn from the best and have some good time here.


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    hey all, my names jake and im a noob

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    Hello everyone, im new here too!
    Nice to met you all

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    Well, i know a bit about PCs but totally new to PS3

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    Feb 2009


    Hi ppl!!!

    I'm new to this also!!

    looking to find out as much as I can about the ps3, as also i'm a recent purchaser of the ps3. so lloooking to know and find out all the cool things i can do with my kick-ass console!!!


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    hello everyone nice to meet you !

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