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    hi all,

    i test ydl 6.0.. is it normal that i can mount bd on linux?

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    HI everyone

    Hello! I'm from Portugal and I just love PS3news

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    Greetings from Brazil - new PS3 owner

    I'm a new PS3 user very interested on making this console a perfect Game & Media Center for my living room.

    Any specific thread to recommend?

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    Hi all, Um... Noob says what? (what?)

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    Hey everyone, I'm a uk 60 gig ps3 user, I've been lurking on the site for ages and finally decided to register.

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    Feb 2009
    Hello everyone, I am new here, pleased to meet you all !

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    Hi I am new to the scene. I hope to contribute valid points and help move things along. Nice to meet you all.

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    hello guys, nice to meet you all. psn id: rteruyas.
    np: LBP, SSF2T HD remix. Add me

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    Hey peeps! Greetings from the UK and great work on the site. It is awesome!

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    Feb 2009
    hello guys, and thx for all your work!

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