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    hi all, just stopping by to check things out

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    Jan 2009


    New also, Hi to Everybody!

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    Jan 2009
    im new, whats up everyone!

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    hi everyone, im new

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    hi, im a noob as well.. nice to meet ya!

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    Hey guys, thanks for the great site! Toolfreakuna at your service (ish) lol. Take care!

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    hello, just got into installing a new HDD into my PS3.

    just seeing what i can do.

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    Hello Everyone from France. I have my PS3 (PAL) since the first Day in Europe...

    Great Site and greetings to all the PS3-Lovers...

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    Jan 2009

    Hi all

    Noob here... hoping to learn from all the seniors in this forum.

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    hey, new here of course, just got myself a ps3 for christmas. i'm quite enjoying it of course

    glad to have found this site, has so much great content.

    thanks to all who create themes! so many amazing ones.

    oh and my name is Chad if it matters haha

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