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    Hello all,

    i am Crazyduck, i'm from Germany. I read the ps3dev news everyday expecting a hack for ps3 will be released Also i'm looking forward for a ipod touch 2g hack

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    Doikung is here nice to meet you all. I'm new too. Nice place to find anything about Play Station here!!!!

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    Hi all, just got here.

    Hope to find this a good community

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    Jan 2009

    Introduction: I'm aldg and I own a PS3

    Hi members: I came across your website after I did a Google search for a Windows XP driver for the PS3 Eye.

    I bought a used copy of Eye of Judgment with the camera, mat, camera stand and some cards this evening from our local game store, "Game Swap," in Grants Pass, OR (about 55 miles north of the California border on Interstate 5).

    I think I over paid for this game and accessories... having paid them $50. (In eBay, it looks like this game and accessories used goes for between $25 and $40.)

    Anyway, I bought my PS3 used (CECHE01, 60 GB with PS2 Software Emulsion) from a pawn shop in Medford, OR, the day before Christmas 2008, for $375. It included an extra wireless controller and one used game, Oblivion. I opted for the PS3 because its a Blu-Ray player and fine gaming machine. The last video game system I had...many years ago... was the Super Nintendo.

    I have the PS3 connected to my Samsung 8 Series 52" LCD and my home theater system. It's really a delight to watch Blu-Ray and upconverted DVDs thru the PS3; and to watch my great-grand kids play video games.

    I've got a lot to learn about video gaming again and I expect this to happen over time. If I become active on this forum, my learning curve should improve faster. So far, I have the following general observation about the games I have bought to date:

    I believe that each game should have a "demo" mode that allows the user to see the computer play the game and advance thru various levels of the game. I suspect that many less advanced users don't get too far into the games because of their difficulties and loose interest. (How many new consumer products do you pay up to $60 for and only get to use less then 25% of it?)

    All games should have different levels of difficulty so that a new inexperienced player can start at an easy level and "complete" that level. This would instill confidence and motivate the user to try more difficult levels. I realize that there are many gamers who are very experienced and have little difficulty with almost any game. But I believe that these people are really not the majority of gamers.

    In my mind, I like to suggest the following analogy when comparing experienced gamers to new gamers. It reminds me of driving a car. Almost anyone can get a driver's license and drive their vehicle almost anywhere. But, only a small number of people have the driving skills to drive a vehicle on a race track.

    The PS3 software has to appeal to all levels of gamers; and for it to be successful in my home, that means providing entertainment that captures the interest of my great-grandchildren. For my wife... no chance!

    If you can suggest PS3 games that work easily for young kids, I would be appreciative. I look forward to your comments.

    Grants Pass, OR

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    Very nice intro aldg, I gave you a +Rep for that.. and welcome aboard!

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    im new too!

    hi all, newb here also

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    Jan 2009


    Hello 4-All, I'm happy PS2 user.

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    I'm new here but non-noob! Searching for the ps1 savegame exploit, so that i dont need swapmagic for the ps3.

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    new to this!

    Hey there, anyone out there no much about the SAK BD backup and how to use the ISO. PSN El_Nomeo.

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    hello all

    hello all i'm new member of this great forum

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