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    Hi everybody. Thanks for a great forum. I'm looking forward interacting with all of you guys.

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    new to the forums

    sup, new to forums ... trying to find a way to use my proxy to my PS3 online.

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    hi there!

    Im new too! What's everyone's favorite game coming up?

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    I'm here, but not queer lol... hi to all!

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    Hi all, and some advice I can offer: If you hate ps2 games, you might as well go for the new 40GB PS3, but if you buy the old version, you can play both ps2 and ps3 games. The new model only plays PS1 and PS3 games.

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    hello, i am new here.. have the ps3 80gig.

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    Dec 2008

    i too am a newbe

    new at this and learning more everyday!

    ps3 60 gig/320 replaced original
    new to linux but having fun so far


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    hi, very nice site.. glad to be a member.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Hi everyone, Im new to the site!

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    Jan 2009


    I am sorcar, i'm from Portugal and i visited this page at along time ago

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