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    Hi all... i'm new!

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    Hi, my name is lasvegastmx and I like video games.

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    Big Grin Nu Bea

    I'm new.. to this site anyway

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    Hey there, I found this place searching for a way to transfer ps1 saves from my pc to my ps3. Sadly I haven't found one that doesn't involve using a psp.

    Anyway I'm thumbgreen but feel free to shorten it if you'd like.

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    hello, how are you all doing?

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    Thumbs Up Greetings from the new guy!!

    Hi all, hope ya all well. My names Drew from yorkshire. Am quite new to web forums, and chatting on the net so apologies in advance if i come across a little dim at times.

    I Decided to join this forum cos, as most of u probably are, im a massive gamer and think the ps3 is the best thing since the wheel but now theres so much u can do with your console i seem to find myself asking alot of questions that this site seems to be able to answer....So...erm...Thanks

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    yeah, i'm new as well.. just pretty much preparing myself for when i actually do get a ps3.

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    newguy again, psn = Kroknos, likes racing games

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheps101 View Post
    yes yes yes, tis I the biggest noob of all.. just call me sheps.
    zomg! i heard of you! can't believe ur really here! cud it really be you?
    do you come in peace?

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    BEWARE! NOOB on the loose!

    Hi guys! This is my first post here!

    Just wanted to say what a great site you have going!


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