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    Hey all - just joined too... been checking this site daily since I got my ps3 last year... hoping to see some kind of homebrew soon. Chrz

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    hey there =D im new ^^

    this site looks so cool so i wanted to join and check around..

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    Nov 2007
    hi all, and a very good morning!

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    hi guys,

    noob.. oh no

    ps3 rules

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    Mar 2008

    Thumbs Up Hello Everyone....

    Hi all,

    My name is Moshe and i have the 80 gb ps3 version...

    i just wanna say i think that the ps3 is an incredible machine

    i'm loving every moment of it!

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    Cool hello everyone!

    I run into this forum looking for a psp ripkit. Looks like I'm lucky!

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    hallo to all...

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    hello, im a new user too..


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    I am Ed, just joined.

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    Sayin Hey

    Great site, thanx for the work. Love tinkerin with my xboxs, alas ps3 trumps all.

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