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    first post

    hello everyone, if you play call of duty feel free to add me.. DangerDegan

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    Ello from Canada. *hic*

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    Smile noob

    Im new on this site too. I just got my PS3 less than a month ago and am trying to find a good tutorial on how to put a rapid fire in my dual shock 3 controller. can anyone help.

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    hello everyone, im new in here.

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    Also a Newb

    Hello from cold Boston. Trying to get emulators to work on my 2.53 80 GB PS3..


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    Jan 2009


    Hey everyone, im new too

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    hi everyone - new also!

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    I'm new, posting as I update my ps3 to 2.60 firmware

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    Big Grin NOOB 122,838,838 reporting in

    yes yes yes, tis I the biggest noob of all.. just call me sheps.

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    hello, whats going on.. im new here

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