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    New Guy

    My name is Drew. Anyone know where to get OFW 1.97?

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    Apr 2005
    Hello, the PS3 FW updates are archived here.. although I don't believe there is a 1.97 version available:

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    Hi peeps...

    Hey guys...

    New to the idea of modding/hackin/jailbreaking ps3.... Never even thought to look into it untill I started looking in to playing region 1 blurays and dvds...

    Just wondering the best way to go to get the most out of my ps3 as I've seen custom firmwares, weird little usb sticks, jailbreaking... Tbh it's all a little confusing!

    I have a ps3 slim running the 4.55 firmware.... Not really bothered about playing back ups... (more into pc gaming these days! Was never a cod fan either! ) I would however, like to run emulators on it... I'm sure I saw that was possible... Also wondering if these emulators would play ps2 games? But I'd also like to be able to play other region dvds and blurays... Might also be good to get some better movie file support too...

    I would be grateful if anyone could show me where to start!

    Ta peeps

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    Feb 2008
    Read here:

    For you most likely pay some one like racer0018 to downgrade your ps3 first.

    Then you can install emulators and play games like SNES, NES, GBA etc

    Programs like multiman/showtime will allow you to play other region dvd and bluray. Most Bluray backups are better done on a pc first to remove cinavia then copied to PS3.

    But read a bit, do a search, then ask questions in the Help and Support section.

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    Hi friends

    hi friends, new to here and love to play games

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    thanks for the reply! was expecting an email to say i had a reply but i guess i didn't set that up properly!

    i'll have a hunt through the forum to get more info!


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    May 2014

    Big Grin Hi, I finally registered

    Very well voiced forum without a doubt!

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    Aug 2013
    Hello everyone nice 2 meet you

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    Oct 2014

    Newbie here

    Hi everybody!

    I want to present me, my name is Diego, i'm new here... reading this forum is very complete... you have too many post

    Well i go back to continue reading...

    Thanks to all!

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    Oct 2014

    I'm new as well.
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