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    I'm glad I signed up

    Many thanks! Quite a lot of knowledge.

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    I'm new also

    Hello everyone.

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    Apr 2014

    Red Face I am the new guy

    I would like to greet everyone here!

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    Apr 2014

    Big Grin Hello people

    I am also glad to be here!

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    Hello everyone

    I am a disabled game player, how do i play games on ps3?

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    Aug 2007
    If you don't mind me asking. Are you able to move your hands to use a controller? I know how you feel in that case. What is the extent of your disability? Thanks and let me know

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    My intro

    Joining any community is like a trend in these days sometimes people joined for getting some entertainment but sometime they want to get useful information and knowledge from other community members. I am new in thins forum and want to find out good friends i found this community is highly interesting.

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    Hi all!

    I'm new to PS3 scene. Just bought a PS3 hacked CFW. Want to make friend with everybody to help each other. (Sorry for my English).

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    Apr 2014


    I noticed the -=New Member Introduction Thread=- so here I am.

    My name is Steve, I'm from Holland, 30 years young ^^ and in a healthy relationship.

    Why I am here, well that's because, for the last few years i've been enjoying my ps3 a lot but... lately i've grown bored with it.

    So surfing the interwebz, finding out what my ps3 is actually capable of and wanting to unluck it's full potential I ended up here, hoping to gain knowledge about modding, jailbreaking and what else.

    My current ps3 still has OFW on it but I sincerely hope I find some good advice on what to do with it

    I have no understanding of all the modding-business whatsoever and for that I am sorry but I'm a fast learner.

    So please, don't hold back on advice.


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    Feb 2008

    Start by reading here. It does take a bit of research first off.

    Anything past that post in the help forum and we will be glad to help

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