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    Hey all

    hi ps3news community (the best community) this is a new account of mine.

    Im not new to ps3news for some reason my old account messed up

    just wanted to say Hi to everyone its been a while

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    Hello Mates

    Need friends bad

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    Hello PS4News

    Just joined, and am looking to repair, and mod my old FAT PS3.

    My Bluray Drive will not spin and read discs, is it just a case of replacing the drive? It will load and eject but not spin, and is not detected in the settings or Game options.

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    Hola amigos

    Hey, how are you being?

    This is Adam from CE, freshest member of this community, just wanted to greet everyone! (Bahh, I know ~ it's compulsory ! )

    A couple of years ago I dived into the world of playstation with a PS2 and now I decided to get a PS3 to kill my free time. I hope I could find useful tips on how to tweak my gizmo and also welcome to meet Fine Lads from all over the world!

    Buen dia,


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    Thumbs Up Hello there friends

    hello there i'm new to the site but no to new to the ps3. i'm here to help and here to get help too thanks

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    Hi all

    Why does windows have the PS3 PUP extractor on it's site yet it won't let you download it, it sends everyone to this site?

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    Hi there!!

    Hi friends.. here we go.

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    hello i'm seville

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    Exclamation Hi everyone

    Greetings to all in the Ps3/4News community.

    I just recently registered and would like to let you all know who I am and what I do.

    One of the main things is: I am a gamer: (Obviously) and I love to get into the detailed functions of how systems work.

    I remember getting into the old PS2 functions; learning how they work, the instructions what not: the code, and I remember back in the day when people in the community from here and other forums like the exploiter forums created Memory card exploits, like with functions like HDDLoader (The golden days of PS2 Image backup and HDD game loading instruction);

    I run a computer business out of home; I repair and build servers, Personal computers, networks and security systems. I've done a little bit of programming and tweaking around with things like firmwares on PCBs, Software programs, and the likes. I've done scripting to HTML writing.

    I have done a little bit of community editing and scripting with games from trisynergy, mainly simulator games. I'm also an old skool gamer from the old days of when a game from Sierra was produced Starsiege, Starsiege Tribes. Which I still play till today!

    I don't know if anyone has ever played tribes via the PC before but I still hang out with old crews back form the day in 2001.

    If your ever interested in getting back into Tribes gaming contact me or check out on the web. I'm a member of them and in the <!> clan, known as Screwloose.

    Starsiege Tribes was one of the first games that I ever got into scripting and writing code before and educated my self on the scripting functions and it was the doorway that I opened to take the opportunity to getting into some scripting and major gaming: I remember PS1 Hax forums and N64 Hax forums; Don't know if anyone remembers the old Gameshark company that made Cartridges for the N64 and CDs for PS1 and PS2.

    That's when I got into memory card Programming and scripting and i started learning a lot about ROMs and the likes.

    Up to this day I am mainly a PC and console gamer. As a hobby I also DJ and people know me as DJ Screwloose locally and on certain Gaming communities: Mainly social MMORPG sites and clients.

    I've decided to register and gain more knowledge about programmers on this site and other subsites to soak up more cool things that people do for everyone that uses PS3, Xbox, xbox360s, PS4, and XboxOnes: Really, I am like a sponge I Love to soak up Knowledge.

    I love all kinds of games not really into sports games though as my main interest is War based games, racing and other types of RPG games; (Like Fallout games ect).

    If you ever want to get to know me a bit more personally Hit me up with a PM.

    Maybe we can game together, if anyone wants to hang out on ps3 or 360.


    Brickstin (Screwloose)

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    The entrance of AEGIS00

    Taking my first steps through the doors of Ps3news to say hello.

    Well hello , bye now.

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