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    Hello all


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    Hello Humans

    Hi, i'm Aat, owner of Aat Station, playstation service workshop at East Borneo - Indonesia, feel free to ask me if you had some trouble with your console

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    Thumbs Up Hello All Members

    Hi I am Muhammad Afzal from Italy.

    My PS3 Fat with CFW. Great Forum. Thanks all members.

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    Feb 2014

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello everybody,

    I am Christian from Switzerland and I am new in the PS3 world regarding CFWs.

    I have found the PS3 News website by searching how to unlock hidden bosses (Goro, Kintaro and Shao Khan) in the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition game. Seems that this may be feasible by using a CFW.

    Thanks for your help and seem you in the forums!


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    Cool Hello all

    I'm not really "new" to the scene, but new to the forum (kinda)

    I've known about ps3news since before i got a jailbreak, but up until now, decided to join

    anyways, its nice to be apart of the forums

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    Hi all

    ı am happy for join this site

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    My name Albert nice to meet you all.

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    Big Grin Greetings, fellow gamers / modders / cool people!

    Hello everyone! I'm Panzerhawx, you can find me also on Raptr, Steam, Origin, Hongfire, and other communities as well. The only exception is my PSN, which is 'Panzerhwx' (without the 'a').

    I've been modding and toying with CFW on the PSP for many years now, but just started on the PS3. I'm also an avid gamer on the PC, thus a bit less on the PS3 (but I still play many visual novels / RPGs on it!)

    I look forward to meeting you all

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    hi guys

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    Feb 2014

    Hey you guys

    i'm not really new to the hacking world, but i never hack a ps3 before. so new to this... i've heard about the rogero cfw v4.50 & wanna know if it possible to use it on ps3 that has not been previously hacked?

    thx for help guys!...

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