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    Jan 2014


    hi i'm huggie from belfast

    thanks for adding me

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    Hello all

    what the easiest to downgrade my ps3? i'm a noob i mainly mod xbox 360....

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    Hi is Maciej from Wexford, Ireland

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    Feb 2008
    Hi Welcome

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    Feb 2008
    Nice to see old users say hi. Welcome

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    Hi everyone

    I guess I'm a real rooky in this game I just got me a ps3 and would really love to enjoy the pleasure of jailbreaking this machine on a 4.53 software version.

    I don't how to go about it so of there's anyone out there willing to assist me I'll appreciate it. What I do think I need is a jailbreak, multiman, and other packages.
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    Wink Hello world

    Hello world!!

    Is nice to finally meet you guys, I'll see you around!

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    Old Modder, new to PS3

    Hi everyone. I've been modding/hacking for a while but I am finally getting around to getting a PS3 for CFW. I am encouraged that the community seems very active. Glad to finally be a part of it.

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    just here bombin around seeing as I'm here heyas guys

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