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    Cool Hey I'm new here

    hello all. i'm here looking for help and guides to modifying my ps3's

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    Cool Welcome

    hello guys

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    Hi all, I'm new to the site

    currently own the original ps3, old and fat type, i love it. running 3.41 firmware with a dongle jb.

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    Arrow Hey everyone

    hey guys i want to CFW my ps3 and i need help because i have tryed several 3.55 OFWs and getting an error called 8002F2C5 damaged file. im not sure how to do this but need help!

    i own an 320gb Ps3 slim and iam on the latest firmware. want to update it to Rebug CFW and get multiman and etc.

    i'm here all nite trying to figure out what i need and can do to fix it but need help. would be great if someone can send or write me a tutorial to do this or answer. really appreciated!

    / xMLionheart

    i checked the firmware that it came with and it was 3.65
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    Hello PS3 world!

    Hi all!

    I would like to introduce myself before taking what i need here. I'm new on the PS3 modification scene, and just exchange my "brand new" PS3 Slim CECH3001B for an CECH2001A only to install CFW and enjoy some hacking's tool... And to receive 2 free games as well.

    No, i'm not crazy, i'm just a casual who like's to quibble. I still have a garanti and i also like to repair myself those kind of material.

    See you soon!

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    Feb 2008
    Welcome. You will find what you need here. Just remember to search first, then ask questions on what you can't find

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    Confused Hi and new at this

    I'm new here and not very good with computers or the lingo. Half the things said I have no idea what they are or what they mean. Lets take jailbrake for example. I know it has something to do with versions or firmware??

    Well I could use all the help I can get. Now if lets say your if stereo or i-pod broke thats a different story....THANKS

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    Hi All

    Hi everyone I have been with you guys for quite some time. I am a gamer and I own a cech-2001b slim 3.55 rebug latest and greatest. I am hoping to learn enough to contribute.

    I just want to say thank you to all the programmers, Moderators, and hackers for coming together and making a true bought and purchased system.

    Looking forward to all new advancements. Thank you for are freedoms being restored.

    Also, Thanks for bringing back Linux.

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    Hi everybody, new user here!

    Hi all!

    New user here: I'm a Brazilian male and I've just bought an used CECH2001A PS3 (now it does have a 500 GB HDD). I am really new on the PS3 modification scene and I'm using Rogero 4.50 1.01, installed by a friend of mine.

    I tried to install newest version of ReactPSN (3.10) but I didn't make it. Time to search for a good installation tutorial. Believe me, I've found NOT ONE good tutorial about this specific ReactPSN version.

    Sorry for any English grammatical errors!

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    Cool Sup everyone

    sup everyone... I am new member to this site.

    so far seems like a great spot to hang out and talk about our Fav things Ps3...

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