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    Jan 2014

    Hi Everyone

    Hi.. Please bare with me

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    Sup Guys

    Hey ppl I'm a very noob in consoles and JB n Games and from Boston MA and i have bought me a JB console ps3 and i have like a 1000 questions lol

    but i will do my digging first and then ask if i didn't found still I'm happy to be here

    have a goodone Guys

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    Wink New Member

    Hello People i'm portuguese, 35 years and i love Play PS3

    PS: Sorry for my english maybe is google translation

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    Cool Hella everyone

    I'm BaSs_HaXoR. Everything about me can be found on Youtube and Next gen. I am a very active programmer in C#, VB, java, and c++. I have made quite a bit of software for modding call of duty on playstation 3, and figured i would join this site and possibly contribute my knowledge as well as learn.

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    Love this site had to be a part of the community.

    Cant wait!

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    Hi!! sup?

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    Jan 2014

    Hello I'm new here

    hello ps3news members.. i'm new here.. just wanna say hello and thank you to let me join this group.

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    Post Hello

    Sorry guys. I open my account a long time ago, but I never introduce myself.

    Here it goes, I have been out of the scene for a while, but I hope to catch up.

    Thanks everyone.



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    Remote play not working with PS3 games help?

    I have a ps vita version 3.01 and a ps3 version 4.53 but the only disappointing fact is that games like red dead redemption, ghost recon future soldier don't work so how do you make them compatible?

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