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    Dec 2013

    Hello new member

    Hi, Need the support to Jailbreak PS3 w. ver 3.5

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    Lifelong Gamer/Programmer finally have time to mod

    So... I've been gaming since I was 5. It started with Mario and I really got into it when I beat Zelda on super nintendo. Then it went into final fantasy and nowadays its Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Assasins Creed, etc. etc....

    I've made some online games in my time.. such as Mafia Fight Club and did some animation and programming on Epic Duel, an Artix Entertainment game. However, I never really sat down to mod and hack my system. I've always been interested in hacking and always supported people who were capable of doing it, but never really studied the art itself... which brings me here. So... hopefully the barrier can be broke and I can add another skill on the notch of tech specialties I already possess. Thanks...


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    Dec 2013

    Hey, I'm the new guy

    Hi. I'm new here, but I've been following this great great site for a while now.

    Fixes are great here.
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    New member here from Japan

    hello guys! new here! i jailbreak my ps3 before i think year 2010, firmware 3.41 i think i used geohot ps3 jailbreak and then updated to 3.55 i forgot what ofw. but after that i did not touch my ps3 again because of 13 hours work a day. but starting today until january 5 2014 im ready to play again! lol a lot of jailbreaks, ofw's, managers etc, etc i missed! damn! lol!

    dale826 from Japan!

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    Hi all.

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    Hi all.

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    Here I am!

    Hi all.


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    Hello everyone. l would like to thank the programmers for all of there time in creating the ability to choose how one wants to use game systems that are, lmho overpriced and at $40 to $80 for a game that one scratch can render useless. Bravo!

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    I'm new too, glad to be here

    great site, full of info

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    Hi everyone.

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