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    Wink Hi I'm the new guy

    hi im a gamer new to this seen and wanna get the most outta my ps3 thanx for the time

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    hi everybody. i'm the newbie in here.

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    Stick Out Tongue hi

    hi all

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    Hi all

    Hi all

    Newbie looking for help about my ps3 120 gb.

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    Hello from Hong Kong/China

    Hello to everyone, I am Stefan and I am from Hong Kong, I have my own trading company, also I like games a lot and I have put together those 2 things! I am trading with electronic products and gaming equipement, feel free to ask for anything!

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    New From Toronto

    Hay guys new here Looking for some answers

    I got plenty of Questions

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    Hi everybody!

    Hi! cheezzz from Colorado here! A couple things about me:

    I have been a true gamer since I was a little kid. My parents had a Nintendo before I was born and I've been playing ever since Gaming has become a big part of my life!

    I love Playstation! I have had all of their consoles and l have loved every one of them. Xbox has their good points but I seem to always turn to Playstation

    Basically any game will do for me. Whatever platform, whatever console I wish I was a millionaire, I would play every game at least once if I could But a few of my PS3 faves are the Fallout series, Far Cry series, Assassins Creed series, Little Big Planet, Borderlands, etc... I like a lot of games But nothing beats old school Nintendo heh.

    I want to delve deeper into some of the technical aspects of all of this. I want to get another ps3 just to be able to use it to its full potential so I don't break the one I have. Once I do that I will be on here a lot to get some advice I'm still a beginner on forums, I really never get on them.

    But I guess that's about all I need to put here now. I'm hoping to meet some pretty kewl people though!

    ~Power to the Players!

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    I'm also new here

    hi there im new here hope to find some interesting things

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    Hi, getting back into the scene

    Hi, I'm not new but I have been away from the scene for a few years now. I'm looking to get back into the swing of things with the ps3 and hopefully keep up with whatever happens on the ps4 front. I mostly been dealing with the xbox 360.

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    Long time lurker, first time member

    Hey, Hopefully I can contribute to some posts, but I'm here today because I screwed up.

    Might see me in help section fairly soon.


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