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    Hey all

    thanks for have me

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    Cool Hi everyone

    Happy to make part of this world!

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    Hi Friends

    Dear Friends,

    This is Shahzad, I've got a PS3 from my peers when i was leaving my company. I'm new user of PS please help and guide me.


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    Hello this forum is great, there's nice info and I like to be part of it!

    many thanks

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    Dec 2013

    Hi Everyone

    Happy to be here

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    Cool Hello all

    i'm happy to join this forum... tq

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    hey folks!

    i've been a Sony user since 1996 when i got the scph-1001 for Christmas...

    my Sony family:
    PSX SCPH-1001 (stealth IV mod)
    PSX SCPH-5501
    2 PSP ICE SILVER SLIMS (5.00M33-6 and 6.60ME-1.8)
    PS2 SCPH-30001 (duo3 ultra mod)
    PS2 SCPH-50001

    wanted to say hi and and explain how long i have been in the family.

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    hi I'm new

    I'm one of the many people scouring the web for free downloads of ps3 and specifically call of duty ghosts hacks. any and all help is appreciated.

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    hi everyone i am totaly new to the jailbreaking scene so please forgive the newbee i am running on ofw 4.53 and i want to jailbreak my ps3 so any help would be very much appreciated

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    Dec 2013

    hello to all

    a new member in this community


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