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    New member

    apparently i'm supposed to make a thread, so here it is. i'm not exactly sure what to say.

    hi everyone. don't beat your kids.

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    Cool Hello Everyone

    I live in Florida. I have both the Ps3 and P4. Ready to learn.

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    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm a new user!

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    I'm Chumdiddy and hope to make many friendships and share information with other's that like the same things I do. This site seems like a great place. Thanks for having me and best to all. I look forward to talking with many in the future.


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    Jul 2013
    Hi, Chumdiddy.

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    Jul 2013
    Hi Ignis Fatuus.

    welcome ..

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    Hi all

    Hi everybody. I have ps3 and it's blocked in psn. Ps3 slim cech-2003b

    I got banned while playing black ops 2 and i want to know how to fix it.

    Maybe somebody know?

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    Hello all am a new user, this looks like a great site for information.

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    Ciao all

    Hello I'm the lion 66

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    Big Grin Greetings

    Well, this is my first successful post... which is rather remarkable considering I registered in 2005 (I did try to post something in 2012 and received a message that it would have to be approved.) In any case, a belated hello to everyone.

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