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    Hi all

    Hi all my name on this server is BenjaminX. I am from Huntington Beach. I currently do not work but will soon. I workout at the gym. I play video games on vintage systems like the psx and I collect games on vintage systems.

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    Red Face HI

    Hi all, my name is monkeymaz and this is all new to me. I enjoy working out, playing with my kids, playing the playstation when i can and life in general

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    Cool hi

    hey all

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    hello fellow members

    i am newbie in ps3 users want to learn new tricks and hacks


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    Hello, I'm a new member

    Emilianenko, I am a PS3 gamer, I'd love to contribute anytime i'm online. thanks

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    Cool hi

    hi everybody i'm new in ps3 scene i hope learn a lot

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    Join Date
    Apr 2013
    Hey welcome aboard, I ain't new to the PS3 Scene, but these are my first times posting here

    Have fun !

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    Thumbs Up Hey Guys!

    Hi Im FreshSkillz4 but if you play ps3 you may know me as FR3SH_SKILLZ_4 I host infections on Mw2 and just about anything else so if you guys ever need anything hit me up on PSN of just message me here!

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    Apr 2013
    Welcome aboard.

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    Big Grin Hi all

    the greatest hack of all is not in the form of a dongle or of a C.F.W. but a game called "the game of happiness" i encourage all hackers in the world to play this game on christmas day and possibly all at once.

    we must start by gathering in your home as christmas time is spent surrounded by our loved ones and give them a card that contains something beautiful.

    this game plays out like a child's game where each take there turn and you can determine who goes first through either a role of a dice or drawing the short straw. the person who goes first poses their left hand on each person's shoulder, one person at a time, and say something appreciated about that person or something you want to be forgiven by this person.

    once everyone has completed this, everyone is to open their card and read it all at once. this card contains the following prayer:

    the gratitude that i have for all of you

    is as big if not bigger

    than my greatest joy,

    who are my children.

    may your cupboards be blessed so that

    our children may grow up in this joy.

    rejoice on this most beautiful christmas

    as our hearts will no longer hurt.


    and have the best christmas of all.

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