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    Oct 2013

    Hello gutsou is here

    Hello Guys,

    I come to this forum because i'm a fan of PS3 console and want to know more information about this console.

    So i think this forum will help me to find this information. I hope i can help people who asked information i know. I have a PS3 FAT.

    Thx all of you.

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    Oct 2013

    hi... all

    hi.. i'm new here..

    wanna learn how to put DLC to dongle.

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    Wink Hello all

    be nice to me... please...

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    Hi I am SPIKESx

    I am here to learn more about Jailbreaking a Ps3. I seem to not know much about it. I would love help with anything that anyone is willing to help me with. I don't know how to check what firmware my ps3 has. But I got the Ps3 Super slim. And the update is 4.50.

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    Introducing r4kasha


    It's a pleasure to be a member of this awesome Forum

    Be nice always Yooo....

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    Cool jojo1000 here

    Hello! I am jojo1000. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I hope to make some new good friends here

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    Hi, Good to see you here. I hope you enjoy your stay on this great site!

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    Hi, Good to see you here. I hope you enjoy your stay on this great site!

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    hi everybody

    I am newest member. nice to meet you all ^_^

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    Hey everybody nice Forum

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