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    Wink Hi all

    Hi i'm new i hope to be fine in this great forum

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    Welcome I prefer to stick to the old 3.55CFW and get a ebootfix from time to time

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    I am Delfigamer, the Youkai of Systems (and derp). Recently, 5pb. released a new VN, named Disorder 6. It seems to be interesting (at least), but is available only for PS3/XBox and only in Japanese.

    To encourage translation of this VN, I want to port this game on PC.
    I have very little experience in ripping console games' content. The only try and success was getting all music and sounds from Ever17 for PS2 with several third-party tools and own script-like command-line programs. Though, I have moderate experience in programming overall, including modest knowledge of x86 assembler.

    Until now I had very little success in extracting Disorder's content. For the very moment, I want to get its resource loading code, so I'm trying to disassemble its EBOOT.BIN. The tool I've used had shown me its layout, but the data contained in them is still a white noise for me (literally).

    Just some minutes ago I've found this thread.

    Seems I need to post 7 long messages here to get this stuff, so you probably will have to bear me for some time. You may help if you want, however.

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    Hi everyone

    bravo for the good work!

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    I'm from the Netherlands and running a ps3 on 4.46 rebug cfw.

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    Hi guys thanks for letting me join such a good site look forward to getting to no you all

    cheers gary

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    Hello everyone, i'm jeremy and i come from France. i am 27 years old.

    Thanks for your welcoming.

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    Hi There

    First off Thank You. I have joined the site as I would like to learn more about the workings of the ps3. I don't really know too much, so I am not sure how much I can contribute. I have been reading alot lately, and I hope that by joining here I can weed out all the confusing info out there and get my ps3 working how I would like.


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    Hi all

    New here thought I'd say hi old to ps3 lol peace

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