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    Oct 2013


    hello i am french player

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    Hi all

    Hello, i'm french, i use 1 OFW 4,50 and 1 DEX 4.46 Rebug.

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    Wink Eh yo!

    Whats crackin peeps in the screen!. Kinda noob, kinda slow! haha jk but i will be hassling alll yall for help many many times!

    Preciates it



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    Oct 2013

    Excited to have found this website!

    Hello everyone

    I've only recently become curious in the workings of working with and modifying my ps3. A lot of the lingo and talk on the website isn't very easy to understand at the moment.

    Anyways. Good to be here.. I'm not sure how I will be able to contribute yet but I hope to find some ways.

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    I was just surfing around the web and I came across this website. thought lets give it a shot. Dont know much about JB PS3's. just got one the other day and working on understanding it. It's 4.46 rebug cfw.

    Would love to go online with it, but not sure if i should and what I need to do to get it online. Any suggestions would be helpful or point me in the right direction LOL.

    Hope to learn some stuff from you all. Peace.

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    May 2013


    I'm Ek2112, I like Games so I'm here.


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    Oct 2013

    Big Grin new member

    hello I like Games so I'm here.

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    New member here !

    Hi. I'm looking for the latest playstation hacks / mods / and glitches.

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    Hello everyone!

    Proud owner of the first version of PS3 (60GB), running CFW 3.55 since many years.

    Actually my kids want to play some newer games, so I have to get hold of a newer CFW

    Thanks to all who makes this a fun hobby!

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    Oct 2006
    Welcome mate, if you need any help on updating, i can help you

    A Fan Utility May be needed also, just to help your console live a lil longer

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