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    Hello everyone :)

    Hi all I'm from Poland. I had a PSP a few years ago, I'm not totally noob My English isn't awesome, but I think not be so bad about it


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    Hi New Member Here

    Hey everyone. Just joined, looking forward to being a part of the community!

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    Cool hi guys

    hi want to get some help to get free games and other cool stuff.



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    hi all

    I'm Jason200i

    i'm 29 years old and i like video games and internet

    I have PS3 and xbox360 consoles, both of them are awesome.

    I know this forum by google itself

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    Oct 2013

    Hello Guys, My name is Roger

    I am new on Forum, and i am brazilian. So dont speak english, sorry for my orthograph ^^

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    Cool hello everybody my name is nick

    hello everybody my name is nick....

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    Oct 2013


    Hey, My name is lolr.

    I'm new to this PS3News community and all, so I hope I get to know some of you guys.


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    Oct 2013

    hi everyone

    Hi I am new am from Africa on the whole ps3 hacking scene I need a few clarifications.

    If I am on the ofw 4.5 or 4.46 on my ps3 do I need to first downgrade to 3.55 to install the custom firmware?

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    Cool New Member

    Hello all,

    I am glad to join this website which gives me more information about PS3. Please do help me to know about those things.

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    Cool Hello everyone

    Lurker for many years decided to finally post here

    Just bought a DECR-1400 and thought I would join the community

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