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    Hello (PSN) World

    Hello Everyone, and Amdins too

    I'm a midaged PS3 and PC Nerd from Germany/Saxony, and landed here cause im interested in learning more about CFW's and some other Stuff, and i heard that this Site is the first and best for it.

    If there are any Questions feel free to ask, and excuse my bad spelling, out of shool English for years now

    With best regards - ToxicFighter

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    Hi All

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new here and looking forward to being part of this community.

    I'm wanting to jailbreak my daughters ps3 without bricking it, so will be looking for plenty of advice and guidance over the coming days.

    Nice to meet you all.

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    Hello my fellow gamers

    Hi, i'm a sony lover and play games all day, all night. If anyone wants to talk about games i can i'm here

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    Oct 2013

    Cool Hello everyone...

    Hello everyone in the forum, I'm from Venezuela and I'm starting on this in the ps3, I hope to learn much from your forum and thanks.

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    hi to all

    i like this site coz its have all think i want

    First I want to know how to jailbreak my ps3 v4.46

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    Jun 2013

    Cool hello

    Hi Guys Im from Bosnia, I know much about ps3 and i love to help other people with my knowing, in some cases i need help too so im gonna need help from you...

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    Oct 2013

    hello everyone

    i need some help

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    Hi me Habib from tortuga!

    hey everyone my name is habib, developeer of cfw 4.46, 4.50

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    I'm looking forward to learning from all you guys in the forum!! Thanks.

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    hi all

    Hi all

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