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    Oct 2013

    Big Grin New member introduction

    Hello, everyone. I'm new to this site and first of all thank the people who created and have kept this site up and running.. Great Job!
    My name is roman and i live in texas.

    I have done my own jailbreak successfully thanks to information obtained from many sites including this one. I'm 34 years old and have played videogames all my life. I have 3 kids and own my own home.

    I'm not like many out there who unlike me live in their grandmas basement. I am probably gonna grow old playin videogames and probably be buried with my ps3 when I die.. lol

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    Feb 2008
    Lol welcome to PS3news and like many of us even older still like to play video games.

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    Big Grin hello


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    Feb 2008


    hi everyone

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    Oct 2013

    Hello and help appreciated!

    Hi I'm Dought and I'm from planet Earth! LOL

    I've got a PS3 with 4.46. Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial to jailbreak this?


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    Well here i am, just start playing around with an broken PS3. First i will read as much as possible to restore it myself.

    Situation is as follows, formatted HD, system version is 4.21 before it had boot issues such as system software corrupt.

    There is tons of information here.

    cheers Roel

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    Your best bet is to search the Help section as that has been covered many times:

    This section is only for introductions really.

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    Hi, i'm a new member that signed up a week ago. Too busy to make a proper introduction, I signed up so i could find some help with watching Netflix on my ps3, American content to be precise - It's just so much better.

    Anyway, i'm 28 and have been playing videogames since I was five, and will continue to play games till I die. I enjoy many genres, but RPG's are my favorite, followed by survival-horror, first and third person shooters, and side-scrolling Slash and dashers - Megaman anybody.

    If I could describe myself as a gamer it would be an explorer/completionist - I like to find hidden teasures, locations, and secrets.

    I'm also a big Batman fan, so for all those Die Hards out there waiting for Batman - Arkham Origins send me a message cause I'm dying to talk about it - My wife's could certainly use a break from talking about it

    Catch you on the flip side.

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    Hi team, new here and still very new at the PS3 JB side of things...

    i am really wanting to learn how to downgrade without a flasher? if its possible?

    my ps is compatible to go down to 3.40 fw but currently sitting at 4.50 OFW

    hoping to learn a lot from everyone here

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    hello all!

    hello hope you are well! I'm from Mexico and all good and nice around here, English is not my native language but give my best effort, I have less than 1 month with my ps3, but very cool!

    original eboots looking for some games and I came across your community is very good, I found this post but I have trouble seeing the files in this link:

    any advice?

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