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    hello bro n sis, actually i'm just a collector, i love collecting gadget, i own ps1, ps2, psp 2000, now to find ps3, nice meeting you all

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    Hi, I registered with you a while ago.

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    Hi im KiidMarz aka KiidHeRo but y'all can call me Bob lol anyway i am new to the ps3 scene been an avid PC and Xbox fan and gotten a ps3 recently because i can afford it now lol all jokes aside i really love my ps3 and would love it more if i can hack it.

    btw i took the ps3 i have and built it from other older ps3 like first gen and now it runs great or even better than the slim models! without WiFi hahaha

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    hi everybody :)

    hey everyone about 3-4 months ago i acquired a ps3 4002 i am currently enjoy browsing this site and i am really new to the ps3 cfw ofw and also the backup systems i think this is a great place to learn how to look after my ps3 system in the safest way possible and i also hope i can help everyone else with it too

    sincerely deathman754

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    Hello to all of you and nice to be a member of this forum.

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    hi guys, new to ps3 news...

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    hi everyone!

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    hi guys, new to ps3

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    hello i'm Caramac, I want to downgrade my ps3!

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    Hello to all,

    I very interested in the world of PS3 scene and just gave me high on your website. You bring hope to those in need, a greeting from Spain.
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